Employee Benefits

At Cohan Insurance Group we understand the power of a happy and productive employee.   Our strength lies in the ability to design an employee benefits program that balances the needs of both the employer and the employee. 

We specialize in a full-service approach to all aspects of employee benefits for employers of all sizes. We have the expertise to serve your business and keep it in compliance under Healthcare Reform laws and regulations.

Cohan Insurance Group is a one-stop financial firm for tailored, comprehensive and cost effective benefit programs.  We will provide you with access to services encompassing:

• Strategic benefits consulting
• Technical assistance
• Vendor selection & management
• Legislative counseling and compliance
• Document review
• Administration assistance
• Employee communications

Our firm, in conjunction with CORE Benefits*, will guide you through the benefits process.  Together we will work to develop an innovative and effective benefit strategy to meet your objectives, while managing costs over the long term.

CORE Benefits 

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Houston TX 77027

Phone 832-786-2003 

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* CORE Benefits is an alliance firm and not affiliated with Cohan Insurance Group or MML Investor Services, LLC. Each firm is solely responsive for their own services companies.

Neither Cohan Insurance Group, MML Investors Services nor any of its empoyees or agents are authorized to give legal or tax advice. Consult your own personal attorney, legal or tax couseld for advice on specific legal and tax matters.